Custom Build

Nothing satisfies me more than building from my own imagination and drawings. As a location designer, my spatial and design sense lends itself well to any kind of building project and I love the challenge of physically building location designs.


Antique Skate Shop

I took great pleasure in designing and constructing Antique, our local skate shop, with the help of many skilled hands. The focus of this space was to establish a home-base for the Ottawa skateboard community and to provide a retail experience in a fully custom-built store using materials typically found in a wooden skatepark, with the exception of the oak countertops.

Union 613 Speak-Easy

This unique lounging experience was the brain-child of local artist Julian Garner. The vision was to create a sculpture-like, crack-lit space which literally looked and felt alive.  I had the pleasure of collaborating on design and providing my carpentry services to meticulously build a fully custom space using mostly re-purposed wood, antique radios, and even a piano.