Iqaluit - Last May, I had the privilege of joining a small team of volunteers up North to facilitate a week-long skateboard/art workshop for youth, followed by a stop-motion animation workshop. I spent two weeks in Iqaluit getting to know the town, some of the people in it, and trekking through a bit of Canadian Tundra. Though the cold weather made it very difficult to sketch, Iqaluit was a unique and interesting place to capture. I'm looking forward to going back this spring!

A Couple of Months Off Work - I have recently returned from my travels through South-East Asia, India, Turkey and some of Eastern Europe where I did my best to keep a few travel sketchbooks. I use ink & watercolour and my sketches range anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour based on size, complexity, temperature, and who happens to be waiting for me to finish. My main focus when sketching is to quickly capture the mood and feeling of a location or scene while gesturing and pushing perspective, line, shape, and proportion to exercise my observational skills creatively.

Prague & Bratislava - Prague was the kind of place where you could sit down on a park bench anywhere, have draught Pilsner and sketch the magnificent city to your heart's content. I spent only 2 days in Prague and filled more pages than in a month anywhere else. My home town, Bratislava, was also a beautiful city to sketch, but not as inviting to loitering as I would have liked.

Warsaw, Budapest & Dublin - I joined a few friends for little rainy season skateboard tour from Poland down to Budapest and sketched during the few times I was off my skateboard or sober. Dublin was my last stop before home, where I spent a day walking around collecting doodles.

Istanbul - Glorious Istanbul! I loved this city. My plan was to tour Turkey for 2 weeks, but I couldn't bring myself to leave Istanbul. A loiter-friendly city where rich culture and history is architecturally evident around every corner and stacked one stone and brick on top of another. This is where I practiced putting a bit more energy into my sketches and first experimented with blocking in foliage against busy architecture.

India - The rich history, colourful markets, busy streets, and chaotic urban architecture of India had always inspired me to get out there and sketch. I was ill-prepared artistically and unable to find places to sketch where I wouldn't be swarmed and climbed by spectators, yet nonetheless grateful for my learning experiences. I learned to loosen up and caricature environments with more confidence by the end of the month-long trip.

Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Bali & Lombok - I travelled through South East Asia with a group of friends as we attempted to rival a past adventure across Vietnam. Riding scooters, surfing, skateboarding, urban exploration, and Hong Tong Deuce were the focus of this two-month trip and my sketching was primitive, infrequent, but fun and helpful nonetheless.

Back in Canada - It's difficult to find time to get out and sketch when I'm back in the hustle. I try to take weekend or day trips to sketch whenever I can.